Cosatt Custom Up Markets Home

Getting a new home for yourself is one of the best things to happen in your life!! To see your dream of having a home that will make you proud, turning into a reality is quite an experience. That is the reason you cannot risk hiring just any name and invite a blunder!! You have put your stakes on a name that has the core competence of coming up with a home that will make you proud……qualitatively, functionally as well as aesthetically! In short, the new home builder in Adelaide that you need to hire MUST be amongst the best in the business in terms of experience and reputation

So Whom You Need to Turn to?

Firstly, ever since we started our endeavour, the principal motto of our service has always been to help families and individuals get their dream homes that will meet their aspirations.

Secondly, and most importantly, accredited engineers and new home construction experts in Melbourne would serve as the right hand to the builders and tradespeople, filling up the knowledge gaps with all their experience and acumen, so much so that they can come up with a property that meets the aspirations of our clients!

Besides, we have the experience of resolving every collective problem with the objective of giving you the best solutions. For instance, our engineers would handle the council applications and get them approved, and deal with the raft footing design reports, certification of materials that are needed to comply with the Australian standards, soil classification reports, and a lot more, to come up with a seamless new house construction in Melbourne! We are fully insured and this proves are a legitimate company.

What do our services include?

At Cosatt Building Group Pty Ltd, we come up with an all-encompassing service that has always been our hallmark. Our services include….

  • Design drawing and comprehensive project management
  • Holistic engineering consultation support
  • Professional assistance in interior and architect design selection and preparation of building floor plans
  • Using the planning and designing services for generating drawings needed for council approval
  • Arrangement of various building quotes, checking insurance and licencing
  • Structural inspection during the construction

We also come up with comprehensive engineering support that ensures everything falls in place right from the start and you end up having a property that perfectly backs your functional needs and aesthetic preferences and the one that lasts your lifetime and beyond. CONTACT US now, if you are looking forward to having your dream home!!

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